Core Sundays Curriculum: 3-5

From grades 3-5, we focuse on Jewish Mythology and Ethics. Learners will engage with Jewish stories, learning their context in our tradition and history. Learners will be empowered to use these stories to begin to explore morality both at JLC and at home. We will do this starting with the stories from Genesis in 3rd grade, the story of Moses in 4th grade and culminating this three-year curricular unit by exploring “The Art of Ethics” with special teaching artists in 5th grade.

Third Grade: Storytelling and Relationships. Using Genesis stories and the ancient Jewish matriarchs and patriarchs, students will explore family dynamics and behavior, and how stories hold influence.

Fourth Grade: Students will construct and compare ideal societies and leadership styles while learning about Moses and the ancient Israelites.

Fifth Grade:  A rotation of visiting artists joins the 5th grade class to share their craft, and use art as a means of interacting with ethical concepts and topics in Judaism.

Shirim and Community Time

We are dedicated to music and group gatherings. As a part of each session, clusters come together to sing songs with a dedicated song leader, or engage in community rituals. This experience looks different for different ages.  In 3rd-5th grades, the students will learn songs around different Jewish holidays and values, and then using what they have learned in class will work to write and compose their own songs based on those holidays and values.

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