Core Sundays Curriculum: K-2

During the first three years of JLC we focus on holidays, the rituals around the holidays both locally and globally, and how we keep Jewish time.


Kindergarten: In Kindergarten, we focus on holidays and community. The class will explore the flow of the Jewish year through music, food and culture. The class space works to help kids understand what builds community between themselves and others.   Through sensory projects learners will explore Jewish symbols, pictures, icons, smells, and tastes that signify the holiday cycles.

First Grade: Kids get their passports and learn about different Jewish traditions, holidays and cultures around the world! Every class starts in an imaginary airplane - or time machine! - where students get transported to a new place to learn about how Jewish holidays or rituals are celebrated in other places. 

Second Grade: Storytelling and Relationships. Using Genesis stories and the ancient Jewish matriarchs and patriarchs, students will explore family dynamics and behavior, and how stories hold influence.


Shirim and Community Time 

We are dedicated to music and group gatherings. As a part of each session, clusters come together to sing songs with a dedicated song leader, or engage in community rituals. This experience looks different for different ages.  In K-2nd grades, this time is spent learning songs about Jewish holidays, rituals, and values. For some of these songs, they will also learn dances and movements that go with the words to make music an interactive experience. 

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